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The Brand CharLit: A Lifestyle & Official Apparel For The City Of CharLotteThe Brand CharLit: A Lifestyle & Official Apparel For The City Of CharLotteThe Brand CharLit: A Lifestyle & Official Apparel For The City Of CharLotteThe Brand CharLit: A Lifestyle & Official Apparel For The City Of CharLotte

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Its Only Takes One Visit To Our City To Understand Why We Enjoy Charlit 

Capturing Our Lifestyle In A Fashionable Form

Charlottes Lifestyle In A Form Of Fashion. Defining Our Culture



A local label based out of Charlotte, NC. A unique twist of word play used to create our brand name Charlit! A true definition of our rapid developing city. Like a wildfire Charlit is on fire and spreading just as fast as flames in tge westcoast. We strive to stay a step ahead of fashion and strive for quality everyday. Our second trademark logo "704" design intertwines the city area code travel destination code the Charlit wordplay and the iconic crown of the queen Charlotte. Take a second glance the "0&4" is actually the letters "C-L-T". Along with charlotteans from babies to puppies to the entire family we have dressed several local and nation celebrities. The flame is lit and with continued support we plan on keeping it lit....  CharLit!   


Established 2015


I Had A Idea, Steaming From A Bad Word Play Of Words For The Hottest Up And Coming City Of Charlotte! A Well Known Promoter Tried Using "Sharlet" And It Bothered Me! In One Of My College Courses (bored from lectuering) I Started Playing With Words And After Several Failures (charlitt charlite etc) Came Up With CharLit. The Rest Is History. 

Our Style Defines Today's Culture


Keeping Up With The Latest In Fashion To Rep The City Of Charlotte In A Much Hotter Way! The Brand CharLit Way 🔥🔥🔥🔥



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A  wide range of apparel for the kids, babies, and adults who love to represent the great city of Charlotte, NC, or as we call it CharLit! WAIT... Lets not forget the family pet dogs and/or cats. Get the entire family 'Lit wit The Brand CharLit apparel.

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Got a fresh pair of shoes you would like to match an outfit with, fraternity, sorority colors? Let us kniw and we will custom any apparel to suit your fly!



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